Fantastic Basic Pointers To Get In Shape And Become Fit

Whether you are attempting to obtain into shape, enter much better shape or are in the best shape of your life, you will certainly have the ability to take advantage of our fitness suggestions. We have searched out the current and the best pointers and can assist you reach any fitness goal that you have in mind.

If you really want to get wonderful looking abs you shouldn’t work them every day. In order for you to develop muscle you need to offer it an opportunity to recover and restore between exercises. , if you desire wonderful outcomes you must only work your abdominals 3 times a week.


Even when you are not getting involved in a structured fitness program, find ways to keep moving. Make it a point to go on a walk or take a jog around your neighborhood. Use your breaks at work as an excuse to find something active to do, even if you simply go outside and stroll around the building a few times. The more exercise you consist of in your life, the happier you will certainly be with your level of fitness.

When pursuing your fitness objectives, it is important that you keep your muscles limber. Otherwise, you could draw a muscle and be out of commission for a while. If you are under the age of forty, you need to hold stretches for thirty seconds. If you are over the age of forty, you must hold your stretches for sixty seconds since your muscles get less versatile as you age.

It is vital that you tape the obstructed finger to a finger next to it when exercising if you suffer from often obstructed fingers. When you have your fingers taped together this way, you are less likely to flex your fingers. The two fingers you have taped together will certainly be more powerful.

Guard your cardiovascular fitness level throughout and after a cardiovascular disease with aspirin. If you are conscious you are having a heart attack, take an aspirin and call 911. Following your cardiovascular disease, take aspirin once a day for a month to improve your cardiovascular fitness level and protect you versus a reappearance of cardiac arrest.

Pay attention to the equipment of the exercise club you choose. Make sure the equipment is well maintained, updated, frequently sterilized and has enough area in between each device. Enough space guarantees appropriate personal location to exercise, while effectively kept devices guarantees mishap totally free, safe training. Constantly inspect the devices before you utilize it.

When starting a new exercise regime, have a plan! Make a list of your objectives in an exercise journal. Select a workout that you delight in, and begin by performing a low intensity variation of this. With each week, increase the intensity and add an additional five minutes to your workout. Bear in mind to make a note of your progress in your exercise journal, as this will only encourage you to stick with the plan.

As you can check, anybody can take advantage of fitness ideas. There is constantly something to learn no matter your level of fitness. There is constantly a better or various method of doing something, that you can attempt to check if it works much better than what you are presently doing.

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Corporate Fitness Management, Corporate Fitness Techniques, Corporate Management, Fitness Management

Profits of Corporate Fitness Management: Businesses of all sizes and shapes are looking for ways to manage employee absence, to pick up efficiency and ease up yearly employee incomes. Wellness programs in general and fitness programs in particular may be the only employee assistance which pays money back to the organization. Numerous major organizations have behavioral studies, which show positive trends in benefit-to-cost return from corporate fitness management programs. There are also intangible benefits, such as improvement of employee morale.

We present corporate fitness, corporate fitness management and corporate fitness nourishment proposal to public. You will also gain from the recommendation and awareness of our corporate fitness management services team when dealing with the setup and everyday process of the personal fitness skills.

This corporate fitness management services is at no extra charges to the organization. Our corporate fitness management services will be presented to employees, who will be charged accordingly if they do make a decision to take up a corporate fitness consultants package. Your company will definitely benefit from the extra service provided to employees, including personal training, fitness assessments, and gym programs at no cost to yourselves.

Corporate Fitness Management Services Company

Welcome to V-Fit, a company that provides services related to Health,Fitness and Wellness under the clients own roof. Keeping in mind the changing standards of Health and Fitness in todays fast paced urban environment. Where the phraseNO TIME is the most crucial deterrent in getting fit. V-fit has realized this need and has come up with a solution by providing a one stop search for certified Personal trainers, Aerobic instructors, Yoga instructors, Dieticians and Masseurs in your own home.

One of the leading players in the Personal Training Arena as it more popularly known, V-Fit has a very structured plan to enable you to achieve your goals in the most systematic manner. It follows a three way approach of Counseling, Monitoring and Motivation.

We are spread in the Corporate arena as well. We have various modules that are designed keeping the corporate work environment, the stress and lifestyle in mind. Below are some of the modules:

Corporate Fitness Management Services Modules

Module One : Corporate workshop on the importance of Health, Fitness, Stress management (related to fitness) and Nutrition workshop
Module Two : Nutritional Counseling and Weight loss program
Module Three : Consultation for Diet menu planning, Hygiene and quality of food service.
Module Four : Massage Therapy Quick Relaxation Programme
Module Five : Corporate Gym Set Up- Consultation and equipment procurement
Module Six : Corporate Gym Set Up- Consultation and equipment procurement
Module Seven : Fitness Testing and Risk factor analysis.

For more information about Corporate Fitness Management, click on :

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Look Like A Fitness Model-wear A Bikini-by Losing Weight Fast!

She’s everywhere. She’s on magazine covers, billboards and television ads. She’s wearing a bikini and looks poised, polished and refined. She is what you want to be. You ask yourself, how can I lose weight, wear a bikini and look like a fitness model?

This is a dilemma a lot of women face and have a great deal of stress over. Well there’e a way and you can meet all the goals you want. Take action, stay the coarse and learn from a professional in a non threatening way.

Imagine learning how to lose weight from a qualified, certified professional trainer in simple step by step instructions that you can do at your own pace, on your own schedule, in the privacy of your own home.

There is no need to spend all your savings on a gym membership. Why join a gym where you might feel uncomfortable and out of place because you are surrounded by intimidating weightlifters that are just there for themselves, and care nothing about helping you achieve the look you are looking for.

You can look fit, wear a bikini and lose weight using equipment like an exercise bench, workout mat and a few dunbbells. Just follow the easy steps on your DVD player and you will lose weight and gain that sleek sexy bikini body back in just 4 short workouts per week.

Just think positive and you will get results. Imagine a exercise and diet program working closesly together to help you lose cravings for foods that will only make you fail in reaching your goals.

– You need to train, eat and look like a fitness model
– You need to create a regime for total body beauty

Thinking in this way will enable you to gain the maximum results quickly as you are working out smarter, not harder. Your energy and stamina will greatly increase.

Your new look will turn heads and you will feel great with healthy skin, shinny hair and an overall healthy look others will envy.

You need to eat foods that provide energy, are nutrient rich, and provide fuel for building muscle.

Combine this diet with great exercises that will jump start your weight loss, enabling you to wear a bikini and look like a fitness model fast.

You need to look for, find, and learn from a person who has actually lost weight using proven methods. These methods are useful for you to create the look you want. What could be better?

You could follow instructions from an experienced mentor for a total body workout package and you could then be the envy of all your friends, when you step out in confidence, wearing your new bikini and looking like a fitness model.

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Get Strong And Fit Fast With Dumbbells

If your objective is to get stronger, more muscular and change the form of your body, resistance training with dumbbells is what you want. And to experience the greatest gains in the fastest time, it’s critical your strength training include free weights. In contrast to any traditional exercising machine, free weights provide the best stimulus to a person’s muscular system. Utilizing free weights, the body is forced to constantly engage supportive muscles to strengthen and synchronize the lifting effort. This coordination of muscles gives you more rapid advances in strength than could be accomplished with any other method.

Unlike fitness center machines, where specific muscles are engaged, with dumbbells the weak side of the body is forced to perform an equal amount of work as your dominant side, forcing both to develop at the same rate. Dumbbell exercising helps develop strength, absolute strength, and endurance. Consistent training with dumbbells heightens a person’s metabolism rate, which will eventually speed up, allowing you to control your weight more easily. Not only does resistance training result in a well-shaped body, it also gives you a healthy and active internal systems and increased stamina. The easiest and most effective means of resistance training is working out with dumbbells.

Dumbbells are perfect for both experienced lifters looking to boost muscle mass, and beginners including those focused on toning and firming his or her muscles and shedding additional fat. Dumbbell training assists not only in muscle toning, but also in stabilizing your joints. Dumbbells allow for a greater range of motion compared to barbells or gym machines and in addition enable a natural movement of your elbows, toning your wrists and hands. With gains in muscle tone and fitness, you’ll not simply improve your overall look, but also feel more relaxed and confident in yourself.

Both barbells and dumbbells can be utilized in free weight training, but because dumbbells are independently controlled, they provide the maximum muscular stimulus. The weak side is forced to accomplish the work and can’t be assisted by the dominant side no more cheating. Dumbbell exercises engage complicit muscles in order to strengthen and prevent muscular tissues from developing independently of one another. Dumbbells require the highest level of coordination and balance to steadily handle the weight. Even top fitness center equipment and health club machines are far inferior to dumbbell training for developing pure strength as well as a well-rounded physique.

To take advantage of the many benefits of dumbbells, you only need to have access to some dumbbells and a workout bench. Using only these two items, you’ll be able of perform hundreds of exercises, concentrating on every major muscle group. If you’re training in your house, you’ll need a flat bench, preferably one that is adjustable to inclines of up to 90 degrees. You may also want a rubber mat to take up the impact should the weights hit the floor.

To scale back the risk associated with injury, especially when beginning a new dumbbell exercise regimen, it is very important that you observe good posture whilst performing the physical exercises. In the biceps curl, for example, keep the upper body pretty still to prevent cheating – don’t sway your upper body forward and returning to facilitate the motion. Since dumbbell exercises don’t isolate muscular tissues, “cheating” (using system movements that assist you in performing the exercises more easily) could be tempting. Although the exercise will be easier to perform because of this, in the end youll only be cheating yourself out of the gains in your target muscules.

Always use extreme caution when incorporating dumbbell exercises into your exercise plan, as the danger of injury is a lot more than exercising with common gym machines. Because the body is not in a fixed position, it is important to be mindful of maintaining proper posture throughout each workout.

Dumbbells are available in many different shapes, sizes and styles. First, decide if would prefer a set of fixed dumbbells or an adjustable set, where you’ll be able to add different weight configurations to a single pair of dumbbells. Each provides its advantages. With a fixed set, you won’t waste time changing the weights. On the other hand, fixed dumbbell sets will require considerable room and tend to clutter your exercising space. Depending on how many fixed dumbbells you decide you will need to optimize your workout, purchasing numerous fixed weights can really add up. Having an adjustable dumbbell system, you get quite a few combinations of weights in one piece of apparatus.

Strength training with dumbbells causes more rapid gains for a muscular body and absolute power – real-world power – than could be accomplished any other way. And you’ll be able to carry out an entire body workout with dumbbells solely. When compared with high priced gym and health club machines, a pair of quality dumbbells is really a relatively inexpensive way to build a functional home gym. Not only will working out with dumbbells provide definition for your body, but looking and feeling great adds an actual boost to a person’s self-esteem.

No excuses, pick up a set of dumbbells and get on with achieving your personal strength and health goals today.

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Major Components And The Importance Of Physical Fitness

The importance of physical fitness in the life of anyone trying to seek better health and over-all well being is not just as easy as working out three days a week. Life itself is nothing but constant checks and balances and so to should be your health and fitness.

What I mean is this, life is a series of waves, it may seem things have a constant but this is only an illusion. For life to maintain it’s “constant” it must achieve a balance of these waves which can be called an equilibrium or when things seem to be complacent.

The importance of physical fitness in your life and in your health is just as important as the constant balance of life itself. But to achieve this balance in health you must understand three major components. It is in this article that you will discover these components and why they are so important in achieving balance in your health and physical fitness.

#1 The Mindset:

The mindset will be one of the most important aspects, no, THE most important aspect of your physical fitness. If you don’t have the mindset, the drive, the perseverance, and the ability to channel your focus then you will fail before you even get started.

Mindset is made up of your goals and your convictions. Are you of the mindset to do what it takes?will you push through the pain? Will you do it again tomorrow or give up today?

Before you can begin to understand the importance of physical fitness you must first look deep within yourself. You must pledge to your inner self that this is what you truly want. Go beyond the simple thoughts and dialog within your outer self, adhere to your goal and know, no matter what those thoughts say, you know deep within yourself to continue pushing forward.

#2 What You Eat:

The importance of physical fitness is also just another form of balance in your over-all health. Working out and using your body will be just one step in creating harmony within your body.

To achieve that equilibrium of health you must also look at your eating habits. Now I hate to call healthy eating a “diet”. The very word “Diet” to me signifies a temporary outcome or a short term goal. This word can also be looked at subconsciously as a negative in your life.

I don’t want you to “diet” or restrict yourself. What you do need to do is understand the food you eat. Eat for the reasons of health and longevity, not only for pleasure or avoidance of pain.

When you understand the food you eat you will never have to diet again. You can still eat the foods you desire on occasion but with portion control and in balance. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables more often then ice cream and candy. Drink water more often then soda and alcohol.

Eventually you will find that you don’t have to diet, that you can enjoy these “bad” foods, but soon you will realize you don’t even need them in your life. By taking the balanced and portion approach rather than short term restriction you can reach your long term goals.

When you deprive or punish yourself you give reasons to break down when your emotional load is overwhelming. When you give in you may give up. this is not because you are weak but because you are human.

In a balanced approach you realize that you are not being bad by enjoying something tasty. But instead you can take the moment to really enjoy the sense of taste and the pleasures it provides. But after wards you will drink your water and tomorrow you will enjoy your fruits and vegetables.

Strive for balance not restriction.

#3 Physical Fitness:

So by now you can see that the “importance of physical fitness” cannot be looked at as a one trick pony. It is only part of a collaborative approach of over-all health and fitness.

But lets take a look at physical fitness itself. Why is it important?

Well, I am sure you have heard this saying before, “Use it or lose it”. The same idea goes with your body. Sure it won’t happen over night, but in long term, if you don’t use muscles they will break down and be used for alternative energy.

If you don’t stimulate your body if will never feel the need to be strong and ready for physical actions. If you don’t give your body a reason to do a particular action it simply won’t do it!

Think of it as doing your chores. Sure sometimes they seem pointless even though it will take a whopping 15 minutes to vacuum. But think about it, if you don’t vacuum the dust will build up and the room will begin to look old.

In time, because this room is not taken care of it will become cluttered and un-used. Bugs may move in and take over just as viruses, bacteria, and cell deformations may take over an unused body.

So think about it, if you just took that 15 minutes to “vacuum”, the room would stay more vibrant and fresh a lot longer. Sure everything is bound to break down in time as that is the life and the laws of physics that we live by.

However, up keeping something will keep it new, longer. Taking care of the room will give reason for it to be used and kept up.

Just in the same way through physical fitness that your body has a reason to renew your skeletal structure, to build muscle, to burn fat, and to keep your body running optimal.

By now the importance of physical fitness should be very apparent. Don’t neglect the very possession you have always had and will always have regardless of what life may bring.

Your body is after-all your temple and your vehicle to interact and enjoy all that life has to offer. Whether that may be the taste of foreign cuisine, the sound of laughter from your friends, the feeling of touch when you embrace your children, or that sense of “feeling good” when everything is as it should be.

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Poliquin Supplements Melbourne – Fitness Forward

Fitness has always been a topic that drew in considerable interest from people of all walks of life, and more so in the recent days where health and fitness have become some of the most important aspects of good life as well as physical and psychological wellness. The place that health and fitness occupied in the wish list of various people depended on personal circumstances and considerations – while it was on the top of the agenda for some, for others, it was somewhere towards the bottom of the list, and for the rest, it never succeeded in making it on to the agenda. Personal circumstances, lack of time and being too preoccupied with the other factors in life has brought to the fore, an important ingredient to the fitness formula – Poliquin supplements. Melbourne has woken up to the realities of a busy life, hectic schedules and never-ending work requirements and responsibilities, giving rise to one of the success stories in the health and fitness industry.

Poliquin supplements, Melbourne and beyond, have been in vogue for a few years now, ever since the name and the brand in fitness and mass building were brought to the limelight by Charles Poliquin, a native of Ottawa, Canada, who successfully trained many an Olympic medallist towards excellence in their chosen sports. The fitness industry has, over the years, been able to benefit immensely on account of the innovations that have been brought into practice in the form of Poliquin supplements. Melbourne has seen a rise in the number of people resorting to the supplements, chiefly on account of the difficulty faced by the health conscious individuals in finding the time needed to stick to strict schedules in exercises and fitness activities, in turn resorting to Poliquin supplements. Melbourne, hence, has so much to gain out of the latest fad that has fast become a lasting trend.

Poliquin designed the supplements after years of research, supported by published bodies of knowledge and established schools of thought in the science discipline, after careful observations of athletes and their performance after they took Poliquin supplements. Melbourne could benefit significantly from the supplements, given the way the supplements and the active ingredients work towards what could be called -site-specific fat reduction’. With the success of Poliquin supplements, Melbourne has discovered that it is possible to be systematic in fat reduction, basing the workouts on the way the ingredients work on the body to correct hormonal imbalances, which in turn affect fat accumulation and muscle mass formation. Poliquin supplements in Melbourne are the way forward towards a healthy life.

Are you looking for a fitness trainer? Start your group corporate fitness training today with Fitline, offering corporate fitness trainers with a personal trainer. poliquin supplements melbourne help you to build lean muscle mass quickly.

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Steps to Marriage Reconciliation for Christian Couples

Here are 7 steps to marriage reconciliation that will prayerfully put you and your spouse back on the right track.

1.Swallow Your Pride – The Bible says, pride comes before the fall. That means pride will always lead to your destruction. In this case, the destruction of your marriage. So take a long hard look at yourself. That’s right. Even if you believe your partner is the blame for the breakdown of your marriage. Examine yourself to see what you could have done differently. Now accept responsibility for your actions and be willing to admit your mistakes.

2.Forgive – Once you’ve swallowed pride, you should ask for forgiveness and then extend forgiveness to your spouse for their offenses against you. Remember, neither of you are perfect. Therefore forgiveness must always be a two way street.

3.Stop Blaming – Don’t waste time pointing fingers at each other. This sort of behavior is unproductive. Instead of approaching your conversations from the standpoint of me vs. you, approach your discussions from the standpoint of us vs. the problem. By doing so, you will avoid the blame game.

4.Learn from the Past – Use your marriage mistakes as a springboard to propel your relationship to a higher level. If you learn from your mistakes, you are less likely to repeat them.

5.Leave the Past in the Past – In other words, let go and move forward. Don’t remind your spouse of what s/he did or how things were in the past. If you really want reconciliation you’ve got to let go of the past.

6.Be Patient – Your marriage did not fall apart over night and therefore cannot be repaired over night. Rebuilding your marriage is a process that will take a lot of patience and determination from you.

7.Get Godly Counsel – Don’t seek ungodly or unqualified counsel from friends and peers. As a child of God, you should only accept counsel from fellow believers who are spiritually mature. If you don’t have such a group of people surrounding you. Or, if you feel like you’re in over your head, have the courage to get professional guidance for marriage reconciliation.

If you are in need of separation advice visit

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The importance of concrete waterproofing

Nothing damages concrete driveways and sidewalks like water penetration and this can lower the value of your residential property. There is no doubt that exposure to water is one of the main reasons behind the deterioration of concrete sidewalks and driveways. When this is no not checked, it has the capacity to suck in a large portion of your income as a result of the constant repairs that must be done every once in a while.

When you are aware of the damaging effects of water on the concrete sidewalk in your home, you should be able to take the necessary action to take care of the damage that happens on the once beautiful sidewalk or driveway. You need to hire an expert concrete pouring company that is also specialized in waterproofing so they can do a perfect job once and for all. When you include the aspect of waterproofing in all your concrete construction you not only get expert advice on maintenance but you also get an economical solution to a persistent concrete cancer. You should also ask for advice on the treatment and maintenance of other concrete works so as to avoid future damage. Concrete driveways and sidewalks are exposed to water and this result in cracking, discoloration and leakages which can actually develop into molds; we all know how dangerous molds can be to general health and that they can be life threatening at times. This is the reason you need a concrete pouring contractor who knows their job well so you can get a real solution to this problem. Apart from the health hazards that are associated with leaking concrete, you also want to avoid other related damages that can occur on property thus the reason you should seriously consider concrete waterproofing.

Driveway contractors can use different types of concrete sealers to achieve waterproofing and provide proper protection to your concrete structures; they can choose between penetrating and coating sealers. Coating sealers protect concrete sidewalks by creating a film over them to provide water protection. On the other hand, penetrating sealers will get into the mixture to offer protection but they do not alter the appearance of the concrete in any way. These are usually easier to apply; however, it is necessary that these sealers are applied regularly so as to ensure continuous protection to your concrete structures.

There are other waterproofing methods used by sidewalk construction company such as the application of crystalline waterproofing. This method involves the addition of crystalline compounds that react with air and water to fill up any gaps and cracks on the concrete. The most effective method of waterproofing sidewalks and driveways is the cementitious waterproofing method that involves the use of cement based products along with adhesive.

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Banish The Need To Hide Man Boobs

I have almost certainly suffered from a more diverse experience of commercial life than the majority of guys before training as a qualified Fitness Professional and have bumped into scores of guys from all areas of life who suffered from acquired poor posture and/or dressed in loose-fitting clothes. had never given any thought as to why individuals acquired a hunched posture, or indeed favoured shapeless clothing, until I saw them with no clothes, when it became evident|Initially, I paid little attention to posture or apparel but as soon as I observed these males in a changing room, it became clear|Like most people, I thought little of either posture or apparel, only perhaps in a changing room when I was able to see why}…their priority was to hide man boobs. Prior to going into the fitness world I had little information of this issue but I have conducted much research over recent years as to the causes in order that I would be in an improved position to advise guys in the gym.

Not much was known about gynecomastia etc. in the 1960’s, when I was at high school but I do recall a boy of my age who had breasts and suffered accordingly. He was so shy with his appearance that he was continually inventing excuses for never participating in any of the physical training, games etc. so that he did not have to fret about other boys seeing him in the showers. Some boys are ever too ready to mock another boy so there were some uncalled for comments aimed at him, which predictably made him very humiliated. Whether he realised that he suffered from pubertal gynecomastia I don’t know but I hope that he grew out of it. 93% of adolescents do grow out of their pubertal gynecomastia after 3 years approximately.

At that time, the only treatment which doctors prescribed for gynecomastia was surgery as little was understood about hormonal imbalance. Obviously, a lot of men had to then put up with the inevitable scar tissue that was left after surgery. A cure-yes, but which was worse…the problem or the cure.?

Compression undergarments gradually became available to compress the pectorals and so help to hide man boobs. These have been improved enormously over time and now come in several styles. With prices varying from $70 to $200 and quality also a consideration, there are some rules to remember when choosing such clothing:

1.Make certain that your underwear comes with a minimum guarantee of 30 full washes since this is an assurance of quality.
2.Make sure that the garment is made of 3-way stretch fabric, in order that control is snug but effective.
3.Select fiber mixtures like ‘Lycrasoft’ or ‘Tactel’ because they are very comfortable to wear.
4.The article of clothing must be made from a ‘breathable’ material so that moisture can escape and air can get in.
5.Your garment’s material must have been infused with anti-microbial properties to prevent bacteria and moulds from flourishing.

Because you should be looking at a permanent solution to overcoming the condition, I don’t plan to advocate any brands to help you to hide man boobs. Decide to get rid of your unwanted ‘breasts’ rather than hide them. I have myself helped a lot of clients in the gym and worked with them to build a fine chest by putting in place lifestyle and dietary changes along with a professionally designed exercise program. Due to fact that everyone is unique I can’t give a detailed chest program now but these are the important principles:

1.You should be able to actually perform the general and chest workouts put in place for you.
2.You must warm up for 5 minutes and then complete 6 large muscle group stretches before starting your workout.
3.It is sensible not to target any major muscle group for over 30 minutes or so in a session.
4.Ensure that you observe good technique, with a neutral spine, good range of movement and perform each repetition in a considered, unhurried way.
5.Combine both machines and free weights in your resistance program.
6.Don’t overdo it in the beginning and train for no more than one hour.

The best outcomes on your chest will be achieved by keeping in mind the following:

1.Your routines will be interesting and successful if you perform chest presses with a range of equipment…barbells, dumbbells and fixed machines.
2.Stress all parts of the chest by altering your position between seated, flat, incline and decline.
3.To fill out that chest make sure that you include flyes in your workout, using fixed machines, cables and dumbbells.
4.I suggest doing between 3 and 5 different chest exercises to start with, with 3 sets for each exercise and 12 to 15 repetitions in each set.
5.Maximise your gains by varying your programs every 4 to 6 weeks.

Having given the above guidance it will be the case that some guys actually don’t like gyms, can’t afford to join one or simply cannot get to one. In addition to this there will be some who cannot justify purchasing special underwear and for them also I decided to investigate less expensive options.

All of the relevant information has been posted on my website the BestChestGuide which includes much more information on gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia…both of these, of course, being the reasons for men wishing to hide man boobs. It was important that any solutions that my investigations highlighted were drug-free and reflected my own philosophy with regard to exercises, diet and lifestyle. Do go and see my website next to find out more just by clicking on the link below.

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